Your To-Do List For Agent Reboot #agentrb

by Joe Sesso on June 18, 2012

Agent Reboots are great events and well worth the $49 admission fee, there is no question about that. Every agent should attend at least one of these every year. They are packed with the latest information on technology, marketing, and social media, which provide the road map for you to become extremely successful in real estate. But if you’re going to attend this action-packed real estate seminar, you better be prepared. Here are three tips to help you maximize your experience at the Agent Reboot Real Estate Seminar.

Make the Most of Your Experience at Agent Reboot

1. Tweet Up: As in the night before Agent Tweet Up networking event. This free event is a must for agents to get up close and personal with the speakers, vendors, and people who run Agent Reboot. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask these people for tips and advice on the seminar. Everyone at this event is nice and helpful, and it’s a great opportunity to expand your network. This event was designed as a way to use Twitter to broadcast to the world the great networking opportunities at Agent Reboot, but it has turned into a way to find the top producers and innovators in the industry. This event is a hidden gem.

2. Take Notes: Agent Reboot can be compared to Christmas for Realtors. You will learn about apps for your smartphone that you never knew existed, as well as a bunch of other cool stuff. In fact, there is so much going on here that it can be mind-numbing. You need to take notes. Write down the names of the apps so that you don’t forget them. Write down the names of the speakers so that you can follow them on Twitter and connect with them later. If you fail to take notes, you will regret it. There is no way that someone can remember all of the cool things that happen at Agent Reboot.

3.  Take Advantage of the Deals: Agent Reboot just isn’t about technology. It’s also about taking advantage of great deals on real estate marketing and technology products. There are many vendors at Agent Reboot, and they are there to make deals with Realtors. Some companies sell products for up to 50% off the retail price if you buy at the seminar. That’s a huge deal. If you like a product and think it will transform your business, don’t be afraid to buy that product.

4. Get a Free Lunch: Agent Reboot is an all day event. There are two short breaks and one lunch break that lasts about an hour. The short breaks are a great chance to return calls and visit the vending booths, but the lunch break provides an opportunity to get even more quality information plus a free lunch. These mini events are called “Lunch and Learns.” These events by Agent Reboot sponsors are a great way to educate real estate professionals about a product, system or service. This is a great opportunity to meet other real estate professionals, eat a good lunch, and learn about new ways to reach clients or expand your business. Tickets are free, but limited, so make sure you find out who is sponsoring the Lunch and Learns at your Agent Reboot and visit their booth early for a ticket. I know that hosts Lunch and Learns at most of the Agent Reboot events.

Agent Reboot is more than a real estate seminar: It’s an experience. You have to see it at least once. If you see it once, you’ll want to go again. The information is awesome (although overwhelming), and it can give you a better perspective on how to run your business. But if you go, remember to take full advantage of your time there. Attend the Tweet Up, take notes, and take advantage of great deals. It can completely change the way you think about how to manage your real estate business.

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