Why President’s Club Matters

by Joe Sesso on May 10, 2018

I just got back from Jamaica for my company’s President’s Club trip. It was an incredible week. The hotel accommodations were amazing, the food was delicious, the sun and the water were warm and the drinks were free. It was a trip that I will always remember, especially because I earned it. In addition to feeling refreshed and energized, I also feel the need to reflect on how important earning this honor can be for an individual and why all companies should have one. I have found three main reasons why all companies should have a President’s Club. One, it rewards your best employees for a year of excellence; two, it sets the bar and gives employees something to shoot for; and three, it translates across all industries.

Rewarding Your Best Employees: Most companies have an “Employee of the Week” or “Employee of the Month” award, but for an individual to sustain a level of excellence for an entire year requires passion, determination and drive. Trust me from experience, winning an accolade that involves a free vacation on company time is awesome! In this day and age, it’s hard to find employees who are loyal to a company and who want to stay at a company for the long haul. President’s Club is an incredible retention tool, as well as a great recruiting tool for top talent who feel that they have what it takes to make it to such an elite level and to win a free vacation as well.

Giving Individuals Real Goals to Aim for: As a manager, when I ask employees what their goals are at Homes.com, many tell me that it’s “to make a lot of money.” While making “a lot of money” is a great goal, the statement itself is arbitrary. What might be a lot of money for one person might not be a lot for another. We know that employees need to be more specific with their goals, and President’s Club is a great way for them to have a clear-cut goal to shoot for. At Homes.com we not only reward our best sales reps with President’s Club honors (they have a specific sales number to shoot for), we also honor our top developers, customer service reps, managers and marketing reps as well. Most companies that have a President’s Club award only honor their sales teams, but there are top performers in every department. It’s important to recognize all of the linchpins of your organization.

President’s Club Has Status:┬áThe biggest mistake individuals make on their resumes is talking about their past and current jobs as a description of duties rather than a list of accomplishments. “You were responsible for the Midwest Territory, great! Did you actually accomplish anything?” Many resumes don’t discuss accomplishments and honors and, if they do, it’s an award that needs to be described to the hiring manager. But President’s Club is different. Think about this: In sports, managers and general managers know how to evaluate talent. They know a person’s batting average, home runs, awards they have achieved through the sport, etc. It’s public knowledge. Hiring a salesperson (or anyone for that matter) is much more challenging because many of the achievements and awards are unknown and not public knowledge. But hiring managers know what President’s Club means. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in. President’s Club is synonymous with excellence. The more times that you have won this honor, the more valuable you become. It’s that simple.

President’s Club is one of the highest honors a salesperson or employee could earn at a company. I have been fortunate to have won the award twice as a salesperson, once as a manager and once as a director since beginning my career at Homes.com six years ago. Personally, I feel that my company actively recognizes and rewards its top performers (and not just for sales) for a year’s worth of excellence. It also gives me and my team something to shoot for each year, which is always a part of my extensive list of goals. And finally, it translates to any industry. Companies know what President’s Club means. They know that if they see the words “President’s Club” on a resume, that you are a top performer. So if you’re an individual working for a company that has a President’s Club, remember that it means much more than just a free vacation and a trophy. Conversely, if you’re a company that doesn’t currently have a President’s Club, hopefully now you have a few good reasons to initiate one.

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