Want to Correct Your Posture? Try this Wearable Smart Shirt

by Joe Sesso on December 8, 2015

Back problems can be caused by many factors, but one of the leading causes is bad posture. If you have a desk job and find yourself with an aching back at day’s end, it could be due to poor posture. What can be done to correct it? Better posture, for one. But how will you know when you are in a state of “good posture?” Enter TruPosture, a smart shirt that may be able to help fix back problems of office workers and others caused by poor posture. Here’s how the TruPosture smart shirt works:

The user would simply put the shirt on under their work shirt or outfit. When the wearer is in a position of bad posture, the shirt emits a gentle vibration to remind the wearer to straighten up into a better position. The shirt is made of a lycra-blend and has built-in nano sensors that measure the curvature of the wearer’s spine. When the person is out of position, these sensors send the signal for the shirt to vibrate. One vibration burst means the person is leaning too far forward. Two vibrations means the person is leaning too far back. An accompanying mobile app enables the user to monitor and track performance over a period of time and to share with medical professionals.

The TruPosture Smart Shirt The TruPosture Smart Shirt

TruPosture was designed by engineer Dan Ikoyan. He designed it to help fix the back pain he was experiencing from always sitting at the office. His idea gained traction, and an Indiegogo campaign was started to raise the $50,000 necessary to finalize production of the shirt. The shirt is expected to be launched in the spring of 2016 and is expected to sell for $199, although their website is currently having a pre-order sale for $99.

According to Ikoyan, the shirt is meant to be worn for only two to three weeks at a time. The intention is to “wake up the torso muscles” and to remind the user of what good posture should look and feel like. The process can be repeated every few months as a refresher. It is also machine washable. To get more information about the TruPosture Smart Shirt, or to pre-order one, visit www.TruPosture.com.

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