The iPhone 5 is Finally Here (3 Tips to Maximize It’s Use & Value)

by Joe Sesso on September 25, 2012

So the iPhone 5 is finally here! Will you be buying one? Or have you already bought one? Sales figures for the first weekend are out and it looks like Apple has sold over 5 million phones in three days! That’s amazing, but analysts were actually expecting between 6-10 million sold. Apple’s stock price reflected this and was down more than $12 per share in early trading on Monday.

The iPhone 5 looks really cool. Unlike the 4S, which was a software upgrade only, the iPhone 5 is a major hardware upgrade, complete with larger screen and a taller and slimmer phone design. It’s also the first iPhone to be compatible with 4G, so it’s faster than previous models as well. With all this great fanfare, there had to be something to complain about. And alas, there was! Apple has been slammed in the press for putting their own maps on the new iOS 6 instead of Google maps. Apple’s maps look cool, but word is that they’re not nearly as accurate as Google’s. I have yet to test it myself, so I don’t want to say too much about it yet. Another knock on Apple is the new charger. It’s half the size of the old one, which means that if you want to connect your new iPhone to anything you have to buy the $29.95 adaptor, which puts even more money in Apple’s pocket. The hardware and software changes are factual, the accuracy of the map is speculation at this point.

Apple’s iPhone 5 Arrived on 9/21/12

So will you be buying one? I know I will. I bought the iPhone 4 when it first came out two years ago. I’ve loved it ever since, although I’m on my second iPhone 4 now, as my first one crapped out earlier this year (it kept dying out when I tried to use data).  I’ve actually learned a lot about Apple and its products over the past two years, especially when it comes to resale value.  Here are some tips that I’ve learned the hard way to maximize the value and enjoyment of your new iPhone 5.

1. The More memory, the better:  I’ll be buying the 32 GB, because my 16 gig is maxed out (I’ve got 44 app updates that can’t go through right now). It’s being offered at 16, 32, and 64 GB at subsidized price tags of $199, $299, and $399, respectively. I’ll go for the middle priced phone on this model.

2. Protect at All Costs: I’m also going to invest in in a screen cover for my new phone. Even the smallest scratch can take hundreds of dollars off of resale value. It’s worth the $30 or so that it will cost to buy it. I’ll also be buying a heavy duty protector case. A scratch or nick on the back of the phone makes a difference as well, so I’ll be wanting to protect my new baby at all costs. My last protector (which I bought this June) was the Mophie charger/protector. I love it, because it gives me an emergency charge if I need one and is built like a rock. But at a price of $80, I might hold off for a while. Since my iPhone 4 is only a few months old and in mint condition, I should be able to fetch $400-$500 on eBay for it unlocked. I sold my iPad 2 for $400 AFTER the New iPad came out. You could have bought a brand-new iPad 2 at a store for $399 (but you would have to pay sales tax), but I still got $400 for my used one.

3.  App it Up: Part of the reason why I have no storage on my iPhone 4 is that it’s loaded with apps. Apps have made my life better and I really enjoy a cool app that can help me in one way or another. Go to the app store frequently to look up the hottest and coolest apps out there. You can also continue to check out my blog for the hottest real estate apps at

So the iPhone 5 is finally here. Although it’s already sold out on Apple’s website as well as most of their stores, it will become available again sometime soon. Will you be buying one? I know I will. Maybe I’ll see you in line.

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