The Apple Watch Review (and how it can be used for Real Estate)

by Joe Sesso on July 7, 2015

I have had my Apple Watch since Mid June and I must admit I love it. In addition to the beautiful design of the watch, there are some really cool features to it. Although many have been touting the health and fitness functions of the watch, there are other features that can definitely assist agents in streamlining their schedules and maximizing their time.

The Watch Design: The Apple Watch comes in three finishes: Aluminum, stainless steel and gold. I purchased the lowest priced aluminum version, since I figured that the watch will become a two-year cycle product similar to the iPhone. They all look great, from the casing to the smooth corners to the interface. I don’t see the value in spending $10,000 for an 18k gold Apple Watch when it could be obsolete in just a few years. I’ll stick with the lowest end model (the Apple Sport) for now, which still looks amazing!

Apple Watch Image Apple Watches Left to Right (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition)

The watch connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth connection. Once connected, the applications that are Apple Watch friendly on your phone will automatically populate on the watch. Easy enough. It comes with a special charger that can charge the watch to full power within a half hour. A full charge can last between 18 to 24 hours, but I was able to get about 28 hours a few times during my usage. There are about ten different watch face styles that the user can switch from as well as semi-customize by changing the color of the face. I expect this to be a big market for developers, due to the success that the Pebble Smart Watch had with custom faces. Look for real estate companies to develop their own custom watch faces to increase awareness and to further promote their brand. I know that I would love to wear my company’s logo on my watch if I was on an appointment. What’s great about these watch faces is that you can instantly switch them out to reflect your mood. This is another reason why I think that the watch face app market will be huge for the Apple Watch.

Apps: Many apps have already made versions that are compatible with the Apple Watch, but this will get much larger. The Apple Watch comes with many apps including health and fitness apps, and can track steps, sleep, heart rate and calories burned. While the health apps are certain to grow, other industry apps can benefit as well, including real estate. Push notifications will appear on your watch from your third party apps as well, giving you a heads up that you have a Facebook or Twitter message, for example.

Although the Watch and app store promote 3rd party fitness apps, Apple does a pretty good job of pushing them to the side. The built in tracker gives me progress updates throughout the day of my calories burned, time standing up and activity, and I can customize my own goals to achieve daily.

Phone calls & text messages: One of the coolest features of the Apple Watch is the ability to answer a call and speak into the watch (Dick Tracy Style!). I’ve tried this and the sound quality is good on both sides of the call. You can also forward calls to voice mail with one press of a button on the watch or by simply covering the watch face with your hand.

Text messaging is great as well. Texts show up on your watch as a push notification, and can easily be replied to. There are two ways to do this. Apple has comprised a list of popular words and phrases that you can use to respond to your client or friend with one touch. You can also use Siri to transcribe your voice into text. This is a really cool feature.

Social: Although I do get push notifications from my social networks, only Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare have been optimized for the Apple Watch at this time. Expect this to change very soon, and in a big way.

Real Estate Uses for the Apple Watch: While it might seem lazy to use your watch rather than to simply take your phone out of your coat pocket or pick it up off your desk to check it, it can definitely be a huge time saver. Here are some great uses for the Apple Watch for real estate:

  1. It gives you the opportunity to preview messages and calls without having to reach for the phone. If you’re at your desk doing a power hour of prospecting phone calls or working on a project, you don’t have to check your phone every time it buzzes or chimes. The average Realtor spends more than 3 hours per day on e-mail or looking through their phone. This can streamline that so that you focus on your work and only respond to the most important texts and calls right away. If you’re driving in the car, you will immediately see the value of using your watch versus your phone, not to mention the safety benefits of not being distracted while driving.


  1. You will receive push notifications of your calendar appointments and meetings, which can help you stay on task without having to keep checking your phone or calendar.


  1. Having a smart watch will show clients and prospects that you are tech savvy, which can help build a better rapport, especially with Millennials.


  1. Custom watch faces will help agents and companies better promote their brand.


  1. It’s an easier reference tool to access, especially because it is Siri enabled.


  1. As more apps develop, agents will be able to do more from their watch and save even more time of having to go through their phone.


Apple wasn’t kidding when it says it is the most intimate device they’ve ever created. I have found myself constantly using my watch, from timing and measuring my workouts to my sleep to giving me notice when texts or calls come in, I have found myself getting much more done because I don’t have to constantly pick up my phone and read every message. I can simply glance at my watch and then decide if I need to respond right away or if it is something that can wait. I know it sounds lazy, but as a smart watch user now for several years (I had a Pebble Smartwatch for two years), I can assure you that you will notice the benefits and convenience of this awesome device immediately.

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