Still Looking for that Perfect Gift for Your Pet? Try One of These Wearables for Pets

by Joe Sesso on December 21, 2015

People love their pets. In fact, they love their pets so much they spend billions each and every year on birthday and Holiday gifts for them. As Christmas Day approaches, many owners are still wondering what to buy their furry friend for that special day? With the advancements in wearable technology, companies and marketers are targeting dog owners with some of their latest products. Yes it’s true…there are now wearables for dogs, and they could make the perfect gift idea for your best buddy.

I’m a proud dog owner. I have owned at least one dog since 1999 and currently have two (a toy Manchester Terrier and a Cirneco Dell’Etna).  Every year I try to buy them something that is going to last many years (although very few things do in my house). As the self-proclaimed Mr. Wearable, I am going to purchase a wearable for my dog (I’m not sure which one yet). Below are a list of some of the wearable dog products on the market today.


Go Pro Fetch Mount The Go Pro Fetch Mount

The GoPro Fetch Mount: This product has been designed specifically for dogs and includes a harness that can be adjusted to fit dogs from 15 to 120 pounds. You can then mount your GoPro camera either on the dog’s back or chest. If you’ve never seen a GoPro video shot from a dog’s perspective, you can go on their You Tube channel and check it out. It is really a fun and enjoyable experience.  $59.99. GoPro camera not included.





Tagg: This is a GPS-enabled device that clips on to your pet’s collar. You can then download the app on your iPhone or Android and get real-time data of your pet’s location. This is especially good if you are using a dog walker, but is also great if your pooch is being boarded or staying with friends or relatives. $79.95.

The Tagg GPS Tracker The Tagg GPS Tracker







Fitbark for Pets: Yes, there is a Fitbit-type device for your pooch. Dogs need exercise too, and have a fitness tracker can help you decide how much walking Fido needs on a given day.

Fitbark Activity Tracker Fitbark Activity Tracker

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