Looking for the Best Deal on Your Electronics? This App Can Help

by Joe Sesso on June 25, 2012

Have you ever bought something and wondered if you paid the absolute best price for it? I’m sure we all have. Real estate professionals today have an arsenal of personal electronics, including cameras, smartphones, tablets and laptops, among other things. With the real estate market still hurting, many real estate professionals are bargain hunting more than ever for these products. But is there a way to actually predict when the best time to buy a product is or if the price will come down in the near future? There is, and it’s a really cool website called Decide.com.

Decide.com is a website that offers predictions on consumer electronics and appliances. Here’s how it works: A consumer looking to buy a product goes onto Decide.com and chooses which type of product they are looking to buy. For example, I typed in that I was looking for a plasma TV. It pulled up many popular models. I clicked on the 50″ Panasonic Viera (the 7th most popular model) and it told me to “wait.” It predicted that prices will drop $91 or hold steady in the near future, and that no new releases were due for at least six months. How’s that for cool? A consumer can also search for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, appliances, and more. But is it really possible to predict when consumer electronic prices will go up or down? Decide.com’s CEO seems to think so, and he has experience with this type of concept.

Decide.com can help you save money on expensive electronics

Mike Fridgen is Decide.com’s CEO. He has a knack for creating companies that can predict if prices will rise or fall in an industry. He founded the company Farecast, which offered airline fare shopping for flights based on predictions. The company was very successful and he later sold it to Microsoft. He then saw an opportunity in consumer electronics. He has been quoted as saying that at any time during the day, consumer electronics can be discounted as much as 20%. He researched thousands of products in this industry to see a trend in when and how they are discounted.

I like this company. I think the idea is great and the leadership team is strong. As a cost-conscience consumer, I will use this website to buy my appliances and electronics in the future. Of course, there are some products that this won’t be necessary with, namingly Apple. Apple doesn’t discount, unless it’s an older product, and doesn’t allow their retailer to do so either. But for everything else, this website is a must. They also have created mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, and Androids, so you can get this information while actually standing in an electronics store, or anywhere else for that matter. The apps are free, as is the website. If you’re trying to figure out the best time to buy a consumer product and save the most money, look no further than Decide.com. It can save you a lot of money off some of your biggest purchases.

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