It’s Not Too Late for a World Cup Sales Contest: 3 Tips to Get You Started Now

by Joe Sesso on June 19, 2018

Are you a manager looking for ideas for an exciting and fun contest for your team? If so, it’s not too late to run a World Cup Sales Contest. Here are three tips for running a successful competition.

1. Time: The World Cup lasts one month. This year it runs from June 14 – July 15. The 32 teams that are in this year’s field are competing in their respective Group Stage competitions (round robin style) for the first two weeks of the contest. The top two teams from each four team Group will advance to the Knockout Stage. This cuts the field in half. Then it’s single game elimination until the final on July 15.

If you start the competition by Wednesday, June 20, you’ve only missed one round of games. Even if you take longer, you can either pick up from the third and final Group Stage round or just wait for the Knockout Stage to begin when there will be only 16 teams competing.

World Cup 2018 image The World Cup runs through July 15. 

2. Choosing Teams: There are 32 teams in the competition, and some are much better than others, so you need to come up with a strategy for how your sales reps will choose the teams. What we did was award a pick for each large sale (we call them Orange Alerts at that was done. We wanted to come out strong early in the month, so we began the team selection process on June 1 when the first sales were made. However you decide for your reps to select their teams, you need to do it fast. If you are going to wait until the Knockout Stage and only offer 16 selections, you have more time. Either way, the sooner the teams are selected, the better it is for the contest. You can also make it educational by having your reps learn 2-3 fun facts about the country they have chosen.

3. The Contest: Now to the fun part – the games themselves! The first thing you have to think about is budget. How much money (or whatever you choose) do you wish to reward for the contest? Let’s say your budget is $1,000 for the entire tournament. You need figure out how to allocate the money. Group stage games may be $10 – $20 for a win and half that amount for a draw. What we are doing for the draws is pitting the two sales reps against each other until their teams play their next Group stage game. Whoever has the most sales during that time will win both shares of the draw. This is a great way to drive sales revenue too, and it raises the level of competition.

For the Knockout Stage, consider increasing the winnings for each round. So if the Sweet 16 is worth $25 per win, maybe the Elite 8 is worth $50 per win. The Final Four would be worth more than that, and so on and so forth.

If you think it’s too late to have a World Cup sales contest, think again. You still can have a fun and rewarding contest if you act quickly in team selection and contest rules. But if you do miss this year’s World Cup, you’ll have to wait until 2022 to do it again. Unfortunately, this contest only happens every four years. Here’s to a great 2018 World Cup!

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