How Much Value Does a High Speed Internet Connection add to Your Home? You Might be Surprised

by Joe Sesso on July 31, 2015

Want to add value to your home? Apparently you can add a lot by just having a high-speed Internet connection. In a recent study conducted jointly by the University of Colorado and Carnegie Mellon University, the value of a $175,000 home increased by $5,437 on average when there was a fiber optic high-speed connection already installed. The study included the sales prices of more than 500,000 homes. Many real estate professionals surveyed in the study said that it was a deciding factor in the purchase.

Realtors are taking notice. Many agents have already begun including this feature in property descriptions as a way to boost value and reduce the market time of their transactions. The installation for high speed Internet is much less expensive than other value-adding improvements, such as a half-bath or a fireplace.

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