Five Steps to Better Lead Conversion

by Joe Sesso on July 10, 2019

Salespeople often make the mistake of thinking of lead qualification as a binary situation. The prospect either wants to buy or they don’t. But that’s not the way the best salespeople view lead qualification. The best salespeople view lead qualification as part art and part science. There is a process that should be followed to better lead conversion. Here are five steps to helping you increase your lead conversion rate.

1. Speed is everything: When you receive a lead, you must act right away. We live in an instant gratification society today where information is available with just one click. You are 100 times more likely to convert a lead when you call it within the first five minutes of receiving it. If you call and they don’t answer, text your prospect. They might prefer to communicate this way to begin with.

2. You’re the expert. Act like one: The best salespeople speak with the utmost confidence. They show it in their body language as well as how they speak. Some years ago, a psychologist named Dr. Albert Mehrabian published a study about how humans communicate to one another. He found that 55% of how we speak is through body language, 38% is how we say the words and only 7% are the actual words that are said. If you speak with a lack of confidence, your prospects will pick up on it subconsciously. You need to speak with confidence.

3. Ask Good Questions: In addition to speaking with confidence, you need to learn about your lead and why the inquired about your products/services in the first place. The best way to do this is by asking good questions. Here is a list of suggested questions to ask.

Can you tell me a little about your business or problem?
Do you have a niche that you specialize in?
What your goals this year?
How do you plan to accomplish your goals? What may hold you back from accomplishing them?
What products/services are you currently using? How are they working out for you?
What is your budget?

4. Co-Brand & Stat: Oftentimes prospects may not know much about you or your company, which may cause them to hesitate in doing business with you. In his bestselling book The Conversion Code, Chris Smith discusses the importance of aligning your business with a popular company. For example, if your company does business with a popular brand or a company that your lead is familiar with, you would want to mention this on your sales call. Your lead will feel more comfortable doing business with you because they will feel that if company “X” does trusts you, then they should as well.

You should also use a statistic when talking about your company. You might say that
in addition to Company “X” doing business with you, you also work with “x percent of Fortune 500 companies.” Using a key statistic to introduce your business builds confidence in your lead to want to do business with you.

5. Ask for the appointment: Once you’ve done steps 1-4, this is the final step in converting your lead into a prospect. Lock down a date and time to meet with them (or to do a presentation). If they are ready for a demo or appointment now, jump on it if you can. However, if they want to set an appointment for a later time and/or day, make sure you confirm the time, date, best phone number to reach them and email address. You then want to send them a calendar invite using your Google calendar (or similar app). This way they will get an alert and be reminded of the appointment.

The key to lead conversion is consistency. Take some time to memorize these five steps and to come up with a solid co-brand and statistic for your company. The more you practice this, the more confident you will become. You will see a huge spike in your lead conversion ratio.
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