Five Simple Steps to Rewarding Yourself After Nailing Your Goals

by Joe Sesso on August 29, 2019

There is nothing quite like the feeling of achieving a goal. Accomplishing it requires hard work, focus and dedication. The exhilaration of achieving a goal is great, but what makes it even better is when you reward yourself with something special. I’m not saying you have to buy yourself a new car, but if there’s something that you’ve been eyeing for some time, setting and achieving a goal is a great way to justify the purchase. Here are five easy-to-follow steps for setting and achieving your goals.

Step 1: Set the goal – First, determine what the goal is and what the time frame is. Is the goal for the month/quarter/year? For salespeople, set the amount that you want to sell during the time period you’ve given yourself. Then write it out on paper and post it in your cubicle wall or on your computer. This will give you a constant reminder of how much you need to sell in order to accomplish your goal.

Step 2: Determine the Reward – What is the reward at stake? It could be anything from a night out at a special restaurant to a new outfit or watch (or whatever you wish). Whatever you choose, you MUST be specific. What is the name of the restaurant that you want to go to or what brand of watch do you want?

Step 3: Post Image of Your Reward – Take a picture or find an image of the reward. It must be of the specific item (outside photo of the restaurant or image of the item). Take the photo and post it in your cubicle or on your computer or wall next to your sales goal so that they will be constant reminders of what you are competing for.

Step 4: Daily Review – Every morning, before you start your day, look at the photo and tell yourself, “this is what I’m working for.” Every time you feel down or that you can’t make another phone call, use the photo for inspiration. It will refocus you and get you back on track. Every sale you make is one step closer to achieving your goal.

A few years back I was living in Chicago and it was the dead of winter. I worked from home and would spend my days in my under-insulated home layering on clothes and shivering. One day while shopping at the mall I saw a pair of men’s Ugg slippers that were made of sheepskin with sheep’s wool as the inner lining. They were exactly what I needed to stay warm. I took a picture of them and posted it in my office. I looked at it every day imagining how I warm I would be in those Ugg slippers next month and beyond. Sure enough I hit my goal and my first stop was to the store to buy my Uggs. I still have them to this day!

Step 5: Don’t Forget to Celebrate – As soon as you achieve your goal, DO NOT wait to reward yourself. Why, you ask? Because life happens, and the longer you wait the easier it will be for you to find reasons not to buy your reward. Don’t wait until next month or next quarter. You’ve worked hard to achieve your goal. You need to celebrate the victory. I know the importance of this from personal experience.

In 2017 I set a yearlong goal for myself and decided that if I achieved it that I would buy the new Tag Heuer Connected smart watch. I cut out an ad with a beautiful photo of it and taped it to my office wall. Sure enough, I hit my goal. Mission accomplished! The problem was that I was so busy that I kept finding excuses of why I couldn’t go to the mall and buy it. The breaking point came one day when I was giving a motivational talk to my team about goal setting. I told them about my personal goal and the Tag Heuer watch (that I hadn’t actually bought yet). Upon saying this, one of my team members raised their hand and bluntly asked, “So where’s the watch?” I was busted. I confessed that I hadn’t bought it yet, but I thanked him for holding me accountable. That very night I went to the mall and purchased it, and I proudly showed it off to the team the next day.

Whether you’re in sales or any other profession for that matter, you should set goals for yourself. Following these five steps will help you set, focus and achieve your goals. Just don’t forget to reward yourself!

image of Tag Heuer Connected smart watch My Reward for Goal Accomplishment

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