When Will the Next Live Trade Show be for Real Estate? It May be Longer Than You Think

When NAR transitioned their annual convention (scheduled for New Orleans in November) to a virtual event last week, very few people were surprised. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, conferences and conventions have been postponed, canceled or moved to a virtual setting. There hasn’t been a major live conference since Berkshire Hathaway’s convention in Nashville the […]

4 Must-Use Facebook Ads for Real Estate Professionals

Social media has become a necessity when it comes to real estate agents’ marketing and advertising. There are so many things that an agent can do to promote their business from posting videos of homes they are selling to tips to help future buyers prepare for their purchase. With so much opportunity, there is one […]

Learn What the Real Estate Industry Leaders are doing in Their Business to Adapt to COVID-19

April 16, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted business and industry on a worldwide scale. It has affected the way we shop, communicate (hello social distancing), conduct business (virtual meetings), and more. It has also affected the real estate industry. Real estate has traditionally been a “belly to belly” business. From open houses, to showings, to listing presentations, […]

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When Will the U.S. be “Open For Business” Again? NY Times Says These 4 Benchmarks Must be Achieved First

April 14, 2020

As the reports continue to pour in with more confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19, there appeared to be a glimmer of hope last week, as the CDC said that the initial projections of deaths from the disease appeared to be flattening substantially. And while people are still very concerned about contracting the virus, perhaps […]

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So What Does the Acronym COVID-19 Stand For Anyway? The Answer May Surprise You

April 9, 2020

I’ve been locked down working from home for three weeks now, and like many of you I’m wondering when everything will return to normal. I tune in every day for the latest information on COVID-19 and what’s going on around the country and the world. But one question kept popping up in my head: What […]

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April Update

April 7, 2020

I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged since February. As you know, a lot has happened since then in the world. But it’s still not an excuse for my being inconsistent with my posts. I’m working from my home office just like many of you are. I just wanted to give you an update on things […]

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Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020

February 13, 2020

It’s that time of year again, convention season. One of my favorite conventions, Keller Williams Family Reunion, is coming up this week in Dallas (Feb 14-17). I always enjoy attending this convention from the largest real estate brokerage in the U.S. With over 20,000 attendees expected, the attendance rivals that of the NAR Conference (National […]

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Five Simple Steps to Rewarding Yourself After Nailing Your Goals

August 29, 2019

There is nothing quite like the feeling of achieving a goal. Accomplishing it requires hard work, focus and dedication. The exhilaration of achieving a goal is great, but what makes it even better is when you reward yourself with something special. I’m not saying you have to buy yourself a new car, but if there’s […]

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Five Steps to Better Lead Conversion

July 10, 2019

Salespeople often make the mistake of thinking of lead qualification as a binary situation. The prospect either wants to buy or they don’t. But that’s not the way the best salespeople view lead qualification. The best salespeople view lead qualification as part art and part science. There is a process that should be followed to […]

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3 Ways to Manage Your Stress as a Realtor

July 1, 2019

As a real estate agent, you may find yourself stressed out when there is a lot of work on your plate. From making sure a home looks its best to figuring out commissions, there are many factors that can contribute to high stress as a real estate agent. For you to continue being successful, you […]

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7 Secrets to Farm Like a Boss in Your Real Estate Business

June 7, 2019

7 Secrets to Farm Your Area Like a Boss By Joe Sesso, Author and National Speaker for Homes.com When it comes to real estate, finding prospects and converting them to leads is one of the most important jobs you have. In the most recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar, Nick Baldwin and Tristan Ahumada […]

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A Tale of Two Coaches (And Three Management Takeaways)

June 6, 2019

If you Google the search term “Greatest College Basketball Coaches,” there are two names that will be on every list: Bobby Knight and Mike Krzyzewski (pronounced Sha-Shev-Ski). Coach Knight and Coach K (easier to pronounce than Krzyzewski) are not only legends, they are also teacher and student. Coach K played college basketball at West Point […]

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