Are You Neglecting Siri? Why She is Underused

by Joe Sesso on May 22, 2012

Siri was by far the biggest hit of the Apple iPhone 4S when it was released late last year. The voice activated assistant has become a superstar in her own right, complete with funny Youtube videos of users trying to trick her, as well as videos of how to user her properly But the truth is that most people don’t realize the full capacity of what Siri can do to help them in their everyday lives.

In a study conducted by Parks Associates, most users use Siri at least once per month, but they only use her primarily for three things: making phone calls, texting, and web search. While this covers most of what a user would use a smartphone for, Siri can do so much more.

For example, Siri can tell you how the weather will be for the day. She can also provide mapping information, traffic reports, schedule meetings, help you remember things, wake you up, and tell you not only where the restuarants are, but can even get specific (check out Apple’s video Most people do not use Siri in that detailed of a manner, according to the study. There could be a couple of reasons for this.

Siri is Underused by Most Apple iPhone 4S Owners

The first reason might be technology and the fact that people are so used to doing things one way and now have the opportunity to do something completely different than before. New technology usually requires baby steps from users. Also, the most common complaint from users is that Siri doesn’t understand some commands. If this happens a few times, this can be frustrating and  turn off users who are pressed for time with trying to access information.

The second reason might be more economical, as in data useage. Siri is a data hog, and uses a lot of data, as reported in an earlier post of mine For those of you on limited data plans, Siri can eat them up pretty quickly. This may be the main reason for the under-useage of this technology on the new iPhones.

Still most users, according to the study, really like Siri and say that she has definitely made things easier with regards to web search, texting and listening to incoming texts, and making phone calls without dialing. Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S, but is expected to be a mainstay in future Apple phones. The iPhone 4S can be purchased with data plans from at&t, Sprint, and Verizon.

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