Apple iPhone hacked by “White Hat Hacker” Showing Vulnerabilities

by Joe Sesso on November 28, 2011

So the iPhone appears to be human after all. In a move that was supposedly approved by Apple, a person calling himself the “White Hat Hacker” created a virus that was able to infect iPhones. The virus he created is called “Instastock,” and it was able to control the operating system on the iPhone from remote locations. It now appears that no phone is safe from attack.

                             The Apple iPhone: Not as “hack-proof” as once thought

Nir Zuk, of Palo Alto Networks, said “iPhones are as vulnerable to attack as any other device. I think Apple actually has been less open than other companies about how vulnerable their products really are.” For years it was thought that Apple products were less likely to be attacked because they didn’t have the massive network that Microsoft products had. According to Zuk, Apple has been secretive over the years when discussing vulnerabilities with their devices. “Microsoft has always been much more open about it,” said Zuk.

Now that Apple has come to dominance in the smartphone and tablet market, expect to see hackers come up with mobile device viruses that can access operating systems and steal valuable information. As scary as this may sound, Zuk acknowledged that Apple is on the cutting-edge of security and is getting much better at disclosing potential risks to its products and systems. More to come on this topic…

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