A Wearable for a Cause

by Joe Sesso on November 17, 2015

There are wearables for fitness and wearables for fashion, and wearables for many other functions. In this new arena of hardware, it’s the bottom line that keeps this space growing. One company in Chicago is showing the wearable industry that fashion and function can also mix with charity. 1Face, a brand that is owned by product design firm Mirza Minds, is following the Tom’s Shoes model of business, giving proceeds away with every sale, and it appears to be working very well.

1Face sells digital watches that come in eight different colors. Each color is symbolic of a different charity. Each basic digital watch sells for $40, with about 25% to 35% of the proceeds being donated to the charity of the particular watch color. The 1Face pink watch, for example, donates directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The corresponding charities to the various watch colors can be found on their website, www.1Face.com. The site also describes the impact each purchase has on the charity. For example, the sale of nine pink watches can pay for one mammogram. Their mission appears to be working. Since launching in 2012, 1Face has sold over 150,000 watches and has donated almost $500,000 to charities. Ralphie Lega, the person in charge of overseeing 1Face, summed it up best by saying, “Our whole mission is to help change the world by connecting these stylish, cool watches with causes.”

Touch Screen Model

Last month, 1Face introduced their first touch-screen watches. At $99, they are still affordable and offer more style than the less expensive versions. The new touch-screens come in black and silver, black and gold, and white and rose gold. These watches are targeting users that want more functions and a more mature look. Another difference with the new watches is that consumers can select three charities that they wish to support, rather than the one that the lesser-priced versions allow.

1Face watches 1Face Watch Models

Next Up for 1Face

Using their previous success as a springboard, 1Face is now planning to introduce its first analog watch, the M. These watches are targeting an older crowed and will come in a silver or 18-karat gold casing. While the watches may be different, the mission will be the same: to donate a portion of every sale to charity to help others in need.

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